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Wildlife Wonders is not a ‘been there, done that’ kind of experience. It’s far from. Each visit brings something special and new to discover.

The seasons change, the trees and ferns grow older, our wildlife breed and new birdlife and koalas discover the sanctuary and park their families here.

We think Wildlife Wonders is a special place that continues to keep us in awe – so we want to share that with you.

Here are 4 ways Wildlife Wonders changes with every visit:


1. The vegetation, trees and ferns have all thrived and grown creating a new experience

If you haven’t visited Wildlife Wonders recently, you are really in for a treat. Since the sanctuary opened in 2021, the vegetation has grown extensively and settled into its surroundings, creating a whole new experience for our wildlife and for its visitors. The plants are thriving in their natural environment and with one another. You will feel like you’ve been taken far off the beaten path.


2. Have the opportunity to see and learn about different birds and wildlife each time

Wildlife Wonders is a wildlife sanctuary, not a wildlife park with enclosures, so our wildlife live as they would in the wild, thriving within the predator proof fence. This means you have the opportunity to experience and learn about different birds and animals with each visit. There is an abundance of different wildlife, so always remember to look below, ahead and above you! You never know what you might spot.


All abilities walk great for kids too

3. Our Nature Guides are special people bringing you a unique experience

Wildlife Wonders is a special place attracting locals as well as passionate conservationists from all around who are bursting to share their knowledge and passion with you. Different guides will bring you different experiences, sharing their broad range of knowledge as well as key insights from their specialist areas. You never know what you may spot on a tour, and our Nature Guides are never short on a story.


Emu on the Wildlife Wonders Dawn Discovery nature tour

Photographer credit: Jack Dickson

4. If one visit was during the day, make the next one at dawn or dusk

If you’re a morning person, or an absolute bird lover, our Dawn Discovery tours are for you. Our Dawn Discover tours run November through to March each year. Hear the incredible dawn chorus of birds from our Sanctuary and witness lesser seen birds like Tree Creepers, Gang-Gangs and Eastern Yellow Robins waking up to start their day.

If morning’s aren’t quite your thing, our Dusk Discovery tours are an opportunity to experience the crepuscular (those who like dwelling at twilight) and nocturnal mammals and birds. See the wallabies, pademelons and more come out from their rest to graze and forage, and the Southern Boobook owls calling out.


So if you’ve been to Wildlife Wonders before, we do hope to see you again! We would love to hear about how the experience was different for you the next time around, so if you share your experience on socials, don’t forget to tag us @wildlifewondersaus


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