Wildlife Wonders is a Certified Social Enterprise through Social Traders.

What is a social enterprise?

Social enterprise is a term used to describe a business-based model being used to solve the most pressing societal problems. Social enterprises exist to benefit the community and the environment, rather than shareholders and owners.

Wildlife Wonders is an ecotourism attraction which engages people with nature and invests all proceeds in conservation.

Established by the Conservation Ecology Centre, the Wildlife Wonders experience introduces people to animals they have never seen before and are unlikely to see in the wild, shares the story of how the Conservation Ecology Centre is working to protect these species across the Otways.

Through this social enterprise model every visitor to Wildlife Wonders becomes part of something bigger – the sale of every ticket helps support the research and conservation efforts which are vital for protecting nature and wildlife.

In keeping with the ethos of working together for a better future, Wildlife Wonders and the Conservation Ecology Centre welcome support from private individuals, businesses and philanthropic organisations, as well as commercial partnerships, to continue growing our capacity to protect our local flora and fauna and create sustainable local jobs.

An alternative funding model for conservation. 

At Wildlife Wonders, through our social enterprise ecotourism model we acknowledge our role as a leader in our field and are committed to supporting others.

We believe tourism can provide alternative funding models for conservation that break short-term funding cycles and engage travellers in a vision for a future which is wilder and where landscapes are cared for, forever.


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