Southern Brown Tree Frog

(Litoria Ewingil)

One of Victoria’s common frog species, these noisy frogs are agile hunters and leap to catch insects in mid-flight. They feed mainly on flying insects such as flies, moths and mosquitoes.


Down at the pond in the grounds of Wildlife Wonders, you will probably hear the whistling ‘weep-weep-weep’ call of the Southern Brown Treefrog.

Growing to around 50mm in length, Southern Brown Tree Frogs have a smooth skin with small lumps.  In keeping with their name, their backs are brown, with yellowish to orange thighs and white grainy bellies. They have distinctive white stripes from eye to foreleg, and webbing on their feet that goes half way up their toes. Breeding males have a light brown vocal sac (which accounts for their noisy calling).

Females can lay up to 600 eggs at a time in clumps of 10 to 15 eggs that are attached to submerged grass stems, aquatic vegetation and sticks near the surface of the water. After hatching about a week later, the tadpoles take between 12 and 26 weeks to develop into frogs.

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