Wildlife Wonders offers a glimpse into Otways ecosystems before the arrival of predators such as foxes and cats, where native wildlife lives freely in a flourishing bushland environment.

This eco experience opened in 2021 and showcases the beautiful ecosystems and inhabitants of the Otway Ranges set against a stunning ocean backdrop.

The experience

Enjoy a guided walk through the magical Otways bushland, where you’ll discover lush tree fern gullies, eucalypt woodlands and spectacular ocean vistas. Your conservationist guide will share with you the secrets of the bush and the plants and animals who call the Otways home.

The guided walk includes a pause at the Research Base, where you’ll be able to learn more about conservation and research projects currently being undertaken across the Otways by the Conservation Ecology Centre.

Along the final stage of the walk, you will see some of the research work ‘in action’, including camera traps and nesting boxes, and learn about research equipment.

Every visit to Wildlife Wonders supports a brighter future for nature across Australia and around the world. 100% of profits from Wildlife Wonders support the crucial work of the Conservation Ecology Centre, supporting critical research and vital on-ground works to tackle the most urgent conservation challenges facing the wildlife and habitats of the Otways.

Curriculum topics

Biological science, ecology, ecosystems, natural sciences, systems, scientific research methods

School bookings

For bookings or more information, please call Wildlife Wonders on 1300 099 467 or email at info@wildlifewonders.org.au

Download our flyer for costs and additional details.

What else…

  • The Wildlife Wonders experience is a 1.4km, 75minute guided tour along a gently sloping and meandering path. We recommend wearing comfortable, enclosed walking shoes and checking the weather forecast before you visit. In summer, it may be quite hot, so we recommend you bring sunscreen and wear a hat. In winter, it may be cold, windy and rainy, so we recommend a warm jacket. It can rain at any time of the year in the Otways, so it’s best to be prepared with a rainproof jacket.
  • Our tours run in almost all weather conditions and the bush is beautiful in the rain. However, we do reserve the right to delay or reschedule your tour if extreme weather threatens your safety.
  • There are no cages at Wildlife Wonders – all animals are free to roam as they would in a bushland environment. Hence, we cannot guarantee wildlife sightings, however the following animals are onsite and it is quite rare that groups don’t see koalas and more:  Eastern grey kangaroos; Red-bellied pademelons; Swamp wallabies; Red-shouldered; wallabies; Southern brown bandicoots; Long-nosed potoroos; Eastern bettongs & Emus
  • There is ample parking for visitors at Wildlife Wonders. We are able to accommodate campervans, caravans, minibuses and coaches.



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