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Wildlife Wonders is a not-for-profit, for-purpose organisation that funds critical conservation programs by engaging people with nature.

Wildlife Wonders is an ecotourism destination, providing you with an understanding of what a thriving Otways landscape can look like when introduced pest species are removed and wildlife can live as it once did, with every component of the ecosystem allowed to contribute to the survival and thriving of the whole.

Every visit helps because all proceeds are invested in the work of the Conservation Ecology Centre to generate the knowledge needed to nurture Otways landscapes and ecosystems, leading to conservation of biodiversity & natural ecological processes.


Here are 3 ways your visit to Wildlife Wonders directly benefits the Otways:


1. You’re directly supporting conservation.

100% of profits from Wildlife Wonders goes into the critical conservation work of the Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) to tackle the most urgent conservation challenges in the Otways.

The Otways is a rugged landscape that provides shelter and habitat for species that are struggling elsewhere, so it is vital it’s protected. The CEC undertakes critical research, such as using GPS tracking to monitor the survival and movements of native Long-nosed Potoroos in relation to planned burns in the Otways, or building knowledge of invasive species such as feral pigs, foxes and feral cats. The solutions the CEC puts in place benefit conservation efforts not only in the Otways, but right across Australia.

Your visit to Wildlife Wonders means that you are a part of the solution too.

Learn more about conservation efforts in the Otways


2. You will leave with a newfound appreciation and respect for the Otways and hopefully share your knowledge with others.

Wildlife Wonders provides inclusive and meaningful experiences with nature to build awareness and appreciation of wildlife and wild places.

During your tour your conservationist Nature Guide will share their knowledge and passion, helping you to better understand the plants and wildlife around you, why they are all important and how they fit into the environment. Every plant and animal has a story and a purpose.

Stopping on the tour at our Research Base will give you new found knowledge and appreciation for the Otways and its inhabitants, (there’s even some hands-on learning in here for the kids). You will be able to see real footage of how much ground little Potoroos can cover from GPS collar data, as well as being able to compare your own arm span to that of a Wedge Tailed Eagle’s wingspan.

We hope you tread lightly as you travel and we encourage you to share your new knowledge with others. We’d love to see your travels shared on socials by tagging us @wildlifewondersaus and #wildotways.


3. You’re caring for the Otways by supporting responsible travel.

Wildlife Wonders is Advanced Ecotourism certified by Ecotourism Australia. We believe in sustainable and responsible travel and we know you do too.

From solar panels, rainwater tanks, local materials and minimising waste, we have thought about sustainability every step of the way. Not even one tree was removed in the making of the Wildlife Wonders sanctuary.

So by visiting Wildlife Wonders, you are supporting sustainable and responsible travel.

We are committed to educating visitors on travelling green and are happy to point you in the direction of other great ecotourism experiences you might love close by, just ask our friendly Wildlife Wonders team when you visit or you can also check out this blog on the best eco friendly nature based experiences around the Great Ocean Road.

We think it’s important to share how to responsibly explore the natural world, to give you knowledge and skills regarding biosecurity, safe behaviour around wildlife and the vital importance of (often overlooked) species like invertebrates and fungi.

Learn more about sustainability at Wildlife Wonders


So as you travel around Apollo Bay, the Otways and further along the Great Ocean Road, we encourage you to be a conscious traveller, enjoy yourself, educate others, respect our wildlife, and remember to leave only footprints.



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