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By: Karlijn Sas, April 2022

Make the most out of your Apollo Bay school holidays with the kids!!

Are you looking for the perfect school holiday with your kids in Apollo Bay? Looking to see exactly what’s on these school holidays in the Otways? Don’t know where to start looking for things to do while holidaying with your kids in Apollo Bay? 

Do not worry, we have compiled a list of all the great things you can do with your kids these school holidays. No matter the age of your little ones, we have something for you. We even have a special section on what to do in case of rain. This comprehensive guide will make your life much easier these school holidays. 

On Monday, go for a surf at Mothers Beach

The locals lovingly call the section of beach right next to Apollo Bay harbour ‘Mothers Beach’ as its a spot in which many families hang out. With nearby toilets and the main street right around the corner when someone gets peckish, it is the ideal spot to hang out with kids. The harbour wall makes for a friendly beach break, and will provide for hours of fun on a board. And if you didn’t bring your own board, foam boards and bodyboards can be hired at Apollo Bay Surf and Kayak.

On Tuesday, walk to Beauchamp Falls and take a swim in the watering hole

The Otways are full of stunning waterfalls, often surrounded by cool temperate rainforest filled with ferns, beautiful birds, mushrooms and if you are lucky, you can even see the Otway Black Snail, a species of carnivorous air-breathing land snail that is the only species endemic to the Otway Ranges.

Our favourite waterfall is Beauchamp Falls, The 3km (return) walk to this 20-metre high waterfall is considered strenuous and takes around an hour so. It is suitable for those with a reasonable physical ability & fitness level. There is access to the falls and brave ones can go for a swim in the refreshing swimming hole.

To find the waterfall most appropriate for your family visit the Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre in Apollo Bay.

On Wednesday, visit Maits Rest Rainforest Trail

To get into another day of exploring with your child, you might just need a good coffee first. We have you covered! Stop at Wildlife Wonders for a great coffee.

Your stop also splits up the drive to Maits Rest Rainforest Trail. You will find a walk suitable for all ages and abilities as you take the winding boardwalk through centuries-old trees and stunning fern gardens. Not only does the boardwalk protect the fragile ecosystem of the area but offers unique views across the forest. Maits Rest is a 20-minute drive from Apollo Bay, and at only 800m (around 30 minutes return) it is ideal for little ones and grown-ups alike.

On Thursday come nature play at Wildlife Wonders

On Thursday, come and do some nature play with us at Wildlife Wonders!

Most of the time, nature is just too good to mess with. But occasionally, assembling the best that nature has to offer and adding some emu-feathers can take it to a whole new level. A level that makes you want to make a mobile from your extra-prettied-up nature, hang it on the wall and admire it for a long time.

You are very welcome to bring your own nature findings to add to your nature mobile, but we also have plenty to add to your creation available here. 

This activity is best for kids aged 5 to 12 years old, with their parent or guardian present. 

You will get:

– a story to get you in the mood for crafts

– a wonderful guided hour long nature play activity

– a fruity snack

On Friday, experience the magic of storytime with your child, and visit the rock pools at Marengo

Every Friday at 10:30am a wonderful kids book gets read in Wildlife Wonders’ Café. Share the delight of stories, songs and picture books with your child at the kids’ corner in the Wildlife Wonders, while you have a moment to savour a wonderful cup of coffee made with locally roasted Hello Coffee beans. Bookings for storytime are advisable.

The rock pools at Marengo will provide you with endless hours of beach holiday fun, any time of year. Clamber over rocks to discover mini eco systems and secret marine worlds: crabs incognito in crevices, molluscs moulded to the edges, tiny schools of fish darting from class to class. Go to Marengo to entertain your mini marine biologists and adult beach-goers alike and take this guide with you to help you feel like an expert. You’re welcome 🙂

On Saturday, join a free animal talk for kids at the Emu Café

Have your kids learn more from dedicated conservation guides, who host a free talk about blue-tongue lizards, emus, stick insects or any other animal that live or once lived in the Otways. They will hear all about their habitat and role in the environment right here in the Otways. The talks take place at the Emu Café at Wildlife Wonders, where you can enjoy a latte during the talk while the kids keep entertained. 

On Sunday, Kayak to the seal colony. 

This is an awesome experience and the only Kayaking Seal Tour on the Great Ocean Road. This rocky seal “haul-out” platform is teaming with seals (too many to count but we guess there are at least 150!) They are very inquisitive characters and love swimming, duck-diving and playing in the surf. Its wonderful just observing them in their own enviroment and listening to their barking calls.

If you’d prefer to visit Wildlife Wonders in your own time you can find all the relevant information here, or check out our other blog posts for more things to do in Apollo Bay and surrounds.


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