Wildlife Wonders Glass & Cork Keep Cup




Conservationists have many early mornings getting their fieldwork done before sunrise, keeping heat stress low for the animals they work with. I can tell you one thing, they would not be able to do it without their coffee on the go! Australians use more than a billion takeaway cups a year, most of which are not recycled and end up polluting the environment. Now you can take away your coffee guilt-free with this beautiful glass KeepCup featuring a sustainably sourced cork band. As we are all trying to reduce, reuse, recycle, this little friend will be a standard in your bag and will accompany you to the many great coffee shops. 

  • Crafted from blown tempered glass. Strong and won’t leach odours like disposable plastic cups
  • Recyclable alternative to one-use disposable cup
  • Fits in most car drink holders so you can enjoy your coffee on the go
  • Splash-proof seal, plug covers mouthpiece when not in use.
  • Polypropylene lid and glass cup – 100% recyclable
  • Sustainably sourced corke band that’s light, antibacterial and biodegradable
  • Usable without polypropylene lid as normal glass for comfortable drinking 


Product range Homewares
Price $24
Size 9W/9D/11H cm
Weight 242g