Bush Tales



Meet Dottie and Quentin – two young tiger quolls set a difficult task – to discover ‘something special’ about every animal in their forest in the Great Ocean Road region of Victoria.

Join them on their quest, and learn the many secrets of the Australian bush. In this exuberant and joyful book, acclaimed artist Mark Trinham brings to life the exquisite animals. Meet Sugar Glider, Potoroo, Koala, Kangaroo, Otways Black Snail and friends, and enjoy the narrative created by author Ali Corke that introduces each animal, sharing their unique abilities and attributes.

Underwritten by ecologists from the Conservation Ecology Centre, the information is engagingly presented, and readers will learn much about the animals as they travel through the forest with Dottie and Quentin.

Without giving too much away, there is a twist in the tale – Dottie feels sure someone or something is watching them … who or what could it be? The young tiger quolls come to learn that while we live in a world full of mystery and magic, we must look after it, because like all precious things, it is fragile and easily broken. Much more than a reference book, this beautifully illustrated story is something special for our times.


About the authors

Illustrator Mark Trinham is a professional artist, working predominantly in public art and sculpture, graphic design, illustration and music. He lives in the Victorian coastal town of Jan Juc and aims to bring a focus to the natural environment and community, celebrating the spirit of the land through a wide variety of mediums and a longstanding involvement
with arts and environmental organisations.

Mark’s designs and public artworks can be seen throughout Australia, with clients including community, first nation and environment groups, shire councils, schools, landscape architects and land developers. He has participated in schools’ ‘Artist in Residence’ programs, created 'Blue Earth' environmental clothing, interpretative signage and illustrated the Landcare Wildlife Collector Card project. ‘Bush Tales’ is Mark’s first foray into book illustration, and he has used his experiences and skills to bring to life the marvellous animals that inhabit the Otways Ranges of south west Victoria.


Author Ali Corke lives in Apollo Bay, on the fringes of the Great Otway National Park. Originally from the UK, where she was a great lover of nature, Ali was captivated by the Australian wildlife she met in the Otways. A writer for most of her life, Ali also assisted in school libraries and story-telling workshops where she observed how children love to read and to create their own stories about the
natural world. ‘Bush Tales’ started from challenging children to discover information about all the animals in the Otways forests, to see which are the most important. In ‘Bush Tales’ we find that every animal is precious and needs our care and protection – and that the bush is full of magic.




  • All funds raised from sales will be directed to the Conservation Ecology Centres’ critical research and ecosystem restoration
  • Written and illustrated on the Great Ocean Road