From initial site selection through the construction and onto operation, our team at Wildlife Wonders have always prioritised ensuring our impact on the environment is minimal and, indeed, positive.

We have designed our Visitor Centre to be low impact – through the use of natural lighting, solar panels, water tanks and use of energy efficient equipment. Our café and retail space operate as low impact operations.

We have planted tens of thousands of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses on the site to restore the exotic pasture to natural wildlife habitat – creating a vibrant and healthy ecosystem.

Our sustainability actions focus on protecting and improving the land’s biodiversity and inspiring our visitors and our community to join us in our mission to protect the Otways for future generations.

Wildlife Wonders operates based on Ecotourism Australia’s ecotourism principles. This means that we promote sustainable travel that benefits local communities, culture, and heritage and minimise impacts on the environment.

We are committed to educating tourists on travelling green. Please find Ecotourism Australia factsheets here:

We encourage you to get out and explore the nature surrounding Wildlife Wonders – the beautiful waterfalls, walks and national parks. Here are some guidelines that can help ensure you leave only footprints: Minimal Impact _ Walking and Hiking

Thank you for supporting us!