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By Jo Stewart, published with permission from Intrepid Travel, December 2022.

From watching sea turtles lay eggs on a beach in Borneo to seeing troops of chimpanzees in the forests of Uganda, wildlife trips are trending as travellers jump at the chance to get closer to nature.

Now, travellers road-tripping through Australia on Intrepid Travel’s new Great Ocean Road and Grampians Adventure will see some of the world’s most unique animal species on a magical walk through a bush sanctuary that supports conservation projects making a real difference to biodiversity.

You may already know about the Great Ocean Road’s monolithic sea stacks, but nearby bushland sanctuary Wildlife Wonders is home to many wonders of its own.

Protected by over a kilometre of hidden fencing (designed to keep predators out), this safe haven provides a habitat for many of Australia’s most beloved species. It also supports the work of the not-for-profit Conservation Ecology Centre, providing much-needed funding for conservation research. 

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